A Sense of Simplicity – Lighting Design by In Common With

In Common With Lighting 1

One of the most overlooked elements of any room is the lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role, setting the tone of an interior space and is a deal breaker even if the visitor or home owner isn’t aware. In Common With lighting have been carefully designed to project the beam of light to the appropriate place, thus creating a nice balance between light and shadow.

The project founded in 2018 by Nick Ozemba and Felicia Hung is quite something. I was especially drawn to their inspiration of both classic industrial design, which is obvious through their usage of shape and colour, and also their appreciation for handicraft through their “coil made pottery-inspired” lamp shades and other lighting crafted in collaboration with glassblowers and metalworkers.

This idea of letting the process of making inform the design and vice versa is such a great one. When you see an object you are also seeing and feeling the many invisible hands that go in to each piece. It’s admirable and comes through in the final objects. Although these are functional works there’s something special about them that wouldn’t shine through otherwise.

Although there’s a feeling of the past, it matches perfectly with our day and age, adding a simplicity needed in a society that’s becoming ever more complex day by day.


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