Comprehending Space – Sculptures by Spanish Artist Jordi Raga Frances

There’s something to be said about taking away from a form and the importance of this process in any creative endeavour. I find people living outside of the creative community often view the creative process as one of addition over subtraction, but I always work in reverse. There’s barely a time where I really need to add anything. In this way sculpture is very intriguing as you start with a block of material and chip away until the desired form comes in to sight. It’s near on impossible on to the piece after you’ve taken away.

Oxford based Spanish artist Jordi Raga Frances talks a little about this in his bio. Although he is studying the process of reduction he is always aware of the different proportions, gravitating towards the order in which we perceive an overall form. I also found it interesting that his enjoyment for carving alone is not necessarily his only reason for being a sculptor. There is also an urge to understand and communicate what’s in his own mind through the material and the spaces that he’s able to carve.

Jordi was born in Valencia and studied in Spain, Italy and Greece. His background is in Heritage restoration, with many of inspirations coming from his contact with historical architecture. This interesting mix has seen all these cultures collide and makes for an interesting series of designs that integrate art, nature and architecture. Here are some of my favourite works from his portfolio but plenty more can be found on the link below. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


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