Industrial Design by Yenwen Tseng

EASY clock by Yenwen Tseng

Looking at the range of articles on the site you may find it surprising that I draw inspiration from not only traditional craft but also industrial manufacture. For me, looking back through history at all areas of design is a big part of the creation process, I strongly believe that any designer not doing a similar thing are at a serious disadvantage. Like all things in life you have to find that balance, you can’t deny the benefits of modern technology and the advances that have been made, so industrialised objects need to be accounted for.

I found these works on Yenwen Tseng’s website, an industrial designer from Taichung, Taiwan. After graduating from Konstfack in Stockholm and an internship at Todd Bracher Studio in New York, he started his own studio in 2011. The aim of his studio is to re-evaluate everyday objects, making minor changes to keep life familiar yet fresh. A few standouts include the EASY clock and TRAPEZIUM stool. Although there are many other examples in his portfolio some of the simplest solutions have an intriguing concept, UNDERLINE is only a narrow wooden shelf for the hallway but it works as a reminder to ensure that people won’t leave something important at home, just as if you were ‘underlining’ something.

Yenwen has created a selection of objects that do not boast, they withdraw in to the background, generating space and order. This mentality could be seen as a form of meditation for the user, generating a level of calm that allows people to come to themselves. Each clearly communicates it’s meaning and has a poetic sense of harmony and balance. Its design is entirely directed towards the comfort of the user, to improving their lives in small but important ways. This will have most meaning and will cause the objects to stand the test of time.

EASY clock consists of three bioplastic parts and a movement

CORRUGATE shoe tray, a corrugated sheet is used to create a convex shape that will hold shoes and concave spacing to gather sand, tiny rocks, and debris naturally

CORRUGATE can be assembled into two layers with magnet fastenings, disassembled in seconds for washing and cleaning easily

LADDER coat rack, inspired by how a traditional ladder works, used to hang clothes and other goods

H AND M clock is constructed from one single metal sheet

PROTECTION is a frame system for a mirror which consists of five wooden components

UNDERLINE is a short, narrow wooden shelf for the hallway entrance. It works as a reminder to ensure that people won’t leave something important at home, just as if you were ‘underlining’ something

A wooden block with one round side for hanging clothes. It looks like a quote mark to highlight its content and is harmonious with the surroundings when nothing’s placed on it

Industrial-Design-by-Yenwen-Tseng-11TRAPEZIUM is an easy stool with unique trapeziform seat and structure for stacking and multiple arrangements