Linking Fine Art & Design – Glass Vessels by Czech Designer Rony Plesl


When you’re a maker it’s sometimes hard to step back and look at forms from a new perspective. You rarely get a chance to use your ingenuity and link that with functionality. Lets face it, you just want to make! So when I bumped in to this collection of work by Rony Plesl it sparked a few thoughts in my head, especially those to do with manipulation of shape and the patterning that he uses on the surface of the vessels.

Rony is from the Czech Republic and graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The material that he specialises in is glass, which he has focused on ever since attending a Specialised Glass College – a form of specialist schooling in glass that only exist in the Czech Republic. The works that he’s made are now represented in galleries worldwide, and he’s been able to link craftsmanship with industrial design, making objects that will stand the test of time and reach the general public.

Although I’m not drawn to bright or neon colour, the forms themselves are absolutely stunning and I noticed a few tricks that he has up his sleeve. One is the patterning which gives a subtle texture, but also refracts the light across the surface of the piece and creates areas of colour change. I also like the straight lines and angles he’s been able to create, and I’m sure they look even more striking in person. The facets on the surface of the cups give possibilities in terms of their orientation. For example, you could have them lying down, or place them at a slightly different angle, it’s certainly food for thought. More can be found on his website linked below, enjoy.