Tempo & Ballet – Lighting Design by the Arturo Alvarez Studio


Lighting design is an interesting sector, and one that is often overlooked. When I’m in shops or studios I often gravitate towards the lighting, especially those that refract or shape light in unusual ways. The only downside is that a lot of the lighting can seem very cold and lack in character, you rarely ever get handmade lighting that can also rival industrial design in terms of its reach. That’s why when I saw this lighting by Arturo Alvarez it really struck a chord with me.

The Arturo Alvarez studio have been designing and manufacturing lighting for over 20 years at their workshop near Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of Spain. This city is a constant source of inspiration that’s reflected in the finished forms, which tend to be very natural looking with subtle textures applied to the surface. It’s also appropriate that these are all handmade, with each one having slight differences depending on the craftsman who made them.

These lamps that I picked out are two from his newest collection. One is titled ‘Tempo’, which are hanging lamps made from painted stainless steel mesh. The other is called ‘Ballet’, a pendant lamp that’s unusual as whatever angle you look at it from it offers a new perspective. I hope you like these and will will get inspiration from them, more can be seen below and on their website. Enjoy.