Rare Book Feast #1 From Design Feast

Design Feast present us with the first in a series of narrated guides through rare books they have come across and become inspired by. With the series being derived around the concept of timeless reading material it caught my eye on the browse. I found the thoughts of Nate Burgos quite insightful and alluring as we hear the passion in his voice for the first book they have featured which is Herbert Bayer’s Book of Maps : World Geo-Graphic Atlas.

Nate makes the point in the description of the video that “as our culture becomes digital in a lot of ways, it is all the more important to revisit and learn from the early design challenges, creative solutions and general lessons that the “old” print world keeps relevant”. I think he has a fair point on this matter, and in all honesty it’s refreshing to find a creative mind presenting older media through the use of new technology.

Joe Giovenco was involved in the creation of the visuals we have here, and I have to say I love the fact that he has been conscious of constructing a style of filming that marries with the character and charm of Bayer’s publication. This looks like an interesting series worth checking back on, for more work from Nate and Joe be sure to follow the link found below.


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