Short film on Furniture Designer Staffan Holm

There’s nothing like a little bit of Nordic design to start the week off, so I was delighted to come across this short documentary which follows the work of Swedish furniture designer Staffan Holms as he prepares for his latest exhibition. This film has actually been put together as part of the fifteenth Salone Satellite event which is being celebrated by featuring a number of inspirational young designers and following their day to day routine as they prepare.

At just over ten minutes long we get quite an insightful gaze into the everyday tasks that Staffan finds himself immersed in, as well as hearing a bit of background history on how his career has gone so far. I have to say I was rather impressed with his product line to date, his milk stool is a real highlight for me and is something I’ve admired previously so it was nice to revisit this classic design again through the film.

It seems to me that his works have one foot embedded within tradition and the other stepping towards new ground, this is particularly evident in his spin stool which I felt had taken a dash of influence from the classic Alvar Aalto stool with Staffan’s twist providing a bit more of a contemporary look. I think I’m most fond of the fact that throughout his product line their are little elements that provide an air of subtle familiarity though. He provides new context to shapes we’re used to seeing in other scenarios, his gym hooks for example are quite reminiscent of monkey rings you could find on a child’s playground.

It certainty feels to me as if this film has caught Staffan in a period where he just wants to keep expressing himself creatively and experimenting to define his own style. With several new projects being highlighted here Staffan is certainly a designer worth following if you’ve developed an interest in Nordic design like us. I’m quite excited to see what he will come up with next, for all the latest information head over to his website via the link left underneath. In the meantime watch below and enjoy!


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