Walking A Time Lapse By Hajime Koyasu

I wanted to share this time-lapse piece from Japanese Director Hajime Koyasu as it’s pretty rare that I bring these types of films across anymore. The problem I have with time-lapses is that they’re often left static and when you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a thousand times, it gets a little repetitive.

However this wasn’t the case with Hajime’s project as he mixed the shots up quite a bit and we see some wonderful transitions as the film cycles through the frames. I was amazed to learn that he’d shot this completely by hand with no specialist equipment, which is nothing short of remarkable in my eyes.

I’m quite fond of the Piano backing track found here as it brings a nice relaxed undertone to the project, which very fitting for the twilight setting of Tokyo. I think the fact that this is quite short and concise appeals to me too, Hajime hasn’t relied too much on one technique to produce a longer project which is what you sometimes tend to see. I guess what I’m saying with timelapse’s is that less is more. For those who would like to see other work by Hajime you can follow the link placed below.



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