A History Of The Title Sequence by Jurjen Versteeg

I want to turn everyones undivided attention to this beautifully shot short by Dutch motion graphic designer Jurjen Versteeg which has been created in aid of his final year of study. The concept of the project is a quite fascinating one, which came about through being inspired and influenced by various creatives like Saul Bass, Kyle Cooper, and Danny Yount.

Showcasing the names that have had an revolutionary impact on the history and evolution of the title sequence as we know it today, Jurjen has got creative in producing his own title sequence showing some real craft and desire to create mesmerizing typography.

I think you can tell from the off that this project has been designed by someone with a real passion and love for beautiful type, each word has been dissected and spaced with precision and all shot in this wonderful studio space, it’s all very easy on the eye.

Having graduated from the Willem De Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam Jurjen is now surely hot property, hopefully we continue to see him creating such stunning projects with the freedom and passion that’s helped to make my morning.



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