Adrian Buitenhuis For Flying Pigeon Bicycles

Director Adrian Buitenhuis brings us this charming little short film which has been created in aid of promoting Flying Pigeon Bicycles, a north American based company who make custom bikes. For almost three minutes of our time we get this beautifully shot film which is everything that advertising should be: subtle, un-intrusive and most importantly, eye pleasing.

I love the fact that those involved have opted to promote not just the product they are selling but the lifestyle that sits hand in hand with such a desired item. It’s done to such a great degree that you almost feel like your coasting along the streets with the young gentleman, the combination of visuals and accompanying score fit this idea so well the whole thing flows with such smoothness and integrity.

With such a candid and relaxing watch, it’s hard not to want to get outside and enjoy the summer, I think it’s about time I moved my restoration project on a bit and got out on the road myself.


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