Short Film on Jake Burger & David A. Smith by Boat Studios

Entitled a tale of two craftsman this short film investigates the story of two individuals who base themselves in London and hold a torch to two different creative yet niche trades in the English capital. The filmmaker Miles Langley introduces us initially to Jake Burger of the Ginstitute in Portobello road who is a enthusiastic brewer for the connoisseur drinker. Later in the film David A. Smith makes an appearance who’s particular day to day work revolves around the ornate glass making world.

The thread that brought this pair together was a collaborative project Jake proposed to David for the Gin Museum he dedicates his life to. So although these two work in separate fields this project flows throughout, after all I think if you appreciate one type of craft it’s difficult not to admire that of another. I’m not much of a drinker myself but I did really enjoy seeing a slice of the process that Jake undertakes in his day to day work, I’m sure he must have such an expansive knowledge on the art of brewing.

Both Jake and David have an inherent love for the history and heritage of the English pub, which is present in the film below in the shape of vintage objects that surround both of their working spaces. I think it’s easy to forget here in England how much of the modern lifestyle we owe to the Victorian era, certainly in terms of design and architecture, so many developments were made in this time period that still remain similar today.

Back on the topic of the film and this has been put together by the good folks over at Boat Studios who run a bi-annual publication that is always on the search for stories like these. I felt the director Miles Langley did a cracking job of combining these two industries into one project, I’ll certainly be looking out for his work in the foreseeable future. In the meantime I’d urge you to follow this series he’s working on for Boat Studios if you enjoy what we have here, their work is always worth viewing over a short break.


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