Short Film on Tobias Petri by Freunde von Freunden

As times passed and the Freunde von Freunden collective has developed it’s been a big inspiration to take in all the multi-talented individuals that they’ve interviewed the world over. When the project first began they didn’t have the opportunity to branch out of Germany all too often, so when you see they are connecting with “friends of friends” out in the Americas and as far as Mexico and Brazil it’s refreshing to see that creativity knows no boundaries. Back in July they released a short film with London based smokehouse owner Ole Martin Hansen which we shared with you all, and today they return to Munich in a bid to highlight another creative company that is always on the rise.

I’ll be the first to admit I knew very little about Tobias Petri and his Holzrausch company before watching this film earlier this week, but this is exactly what these interviews are all about, introducing deserving creative talents to a wider audience that will appreciate them. For this project they worked in collaboration with the good folks at the “we make them wonder” collective compiling an interview within Tobias’ apartment and inside his work place. Along with college found friend Sven Petzhold, Tobias runs a 25 employee strong design office and workshop which they built upon a foundation of their knowledge in carpentry. The pair both studied and worked as master joiners, specialising in kitchen and interior design with an considered eye for a subtle, minimal aesthetic.

My favourite quote from this project has to be “We rented the hall and just thought that eventually something would happen”, which I’m sure is reminiscent of many creative companies starting up. Obviously we are big advocates of this passionate belief that things will fall into place, I think as long as you are involved in work you believe in, projects that are in essence an extension of you, everything will work out in the end. Perhaps this ideal or belief best describes your work too, and if so I hope this latest example of independent achievement is more fuel to your fire. Have a watch and see what positives you can find here to take into your own day to day schedules. If you’d like to learn more about Tobias and Holzrausch afterwards I can recommend a visit to their webpage, with the link for this left as always just below. Enjoy!