A Selection of Furniture by NAUT Design

With our recent release in the shop of the book nest by TRUCK Furniture, which has been ever so popular, I’ve been thinking to myself that we should buy a few items from the TRUCK shop, particular the stools and some chairs for our office. Originally I thought this would be a bit out of my reach considering the shipping all the way from Japan to England, but actually the price is pretty decent for what you get. The same goes for this little company in Japan that I’ve been following for the past year named NAUT, they own a showroom/shop in Nagoya where they present a small selection of furniture that they produce in the workshop. The whole style and aesthetic blew me away, NAUT are pretty minimal as a brand and focus on the main ingredients of what it takes to produce timeless looking furniture. I’m sure you’ll agree by just glancing below that they make some classic pieces that would look good in any home.

The company itself was established in 1999 and was expanded to a small studio in 2001, I’m positive it would be a great experience to walk around the showroom and look at all the details on this furniture. After you’ve had a browse of this imagery I’d urge you towards their Tumblr page which is where I’ve sourced most of my imagery. They tend to put high resolution imagery up of their newest pieces, this not only features basic works but also custom options for different customers and also some metal work, which switches it up a little.

Maybe having a look through these might make you double think about ordering things that are slightly bigger from abroad, it might even make more sense if your exchange rate is good. I wouldn’t say ours is incredible against the Yen but now I’m really considering it since you can’t get anything like this over here. It’s just one of those rare items made with real craft and precision, a common theme found quite regularly in Japan. I also really like how they care about their work and they’re really dedicated to making it ‘just right’. Hope you enjoy what you see below.



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  • Emily

    These is great, basic everyday furniture photographed in such a simplistic way.

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