Universe of Elemental Figures – Animalmood for Mad Lab by Borja Garcia

I’ve always been fascinated by Ray and Charles Eames relationship in a design context. Ray was an artist and Charles was more of an industrial designer. Charles knew that Ray knew art and used it to his strength, asking her to create the beautiful bright colour palette and graphics that still make their work so distinctive today.

Toys and games were also important to this a design duo. By challenging themselves through these ‘play things’ they were able to pursue more serious ideas. After all, everything we are as humans has come from our experience as a child and our link to nature. That’s why I was drawn to these pieces designed by designer Borja Garcia of Valencia-based Made Studio for Mad Lab, a project also based in Spain.

This collection takes some small cues the Eames Bird by using a selection of animals that have also been abstracted, a mammut, whale, and a bird. By using these ‘universal’ figures they wanted to connect with the human spirit and bring fun and play back to an object. A collection of abstractions that, to some, are friendly animals to share our journey with.

It’s interesting how we might be able to condense down these iconic symbols and offer a sense of whimsical even when we apply this much needed reduction in to our design. Perhaps this a challenge for all you. To see if you can bring that spirit back in to our objects, whether they be handmade or mass produced.



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