Works by Verónica Jaramillo’s Ceramic Workshop

I’ve been on a serious hunt for some ceramics over the past week or so. I didn’t want to settle for something of lesser quality, that’s not my style, and it wasn’t really on my list to pull a selection from Japan again since I’ve turned to there a lot lately in search of inspiration. So I took an indirect route and discovered these creations made by Verónica Jaramillo’s ceramic workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Columbia, and these lovely pots set off the tone just right with their stripped down aesthetic. To be quite honest I don’t have an abundance of information on this studio but I do know that they’re all made by hand and are crafted individually. When I stumbled in to her blog over the weekend I couldn’t stop flicking through all the different imagery, I would love to see how these are made so my only request would have been to see more ‘making’ photography. For example shots in the studio and the pieces being made from scratch. Obviously you can’t have it all so we’re left today with a fantastic variety of images that are perfect for pinning and storing as inspiration. I know I’ll be taking a few the next time I go to our local pottery studio.

A few things that struck me about these works is the individuality and the natural aesthetic that comes through from just admiring. It takes many years of working to let your unique style ooze out of the objects, and I think the work has that beautiful mixture of functionality and quirkiness that I’m always fond of. Take for example the cups, although they’re generally uniform in shape each one has little glaze defects and tiny little chips, thus having nice character. Also the teapots are quite spectacular and I’m tempted to buy one of these myself, the shape of each is very traditional but quite modern at the same time. They could sit in any home and wouldn’t look out of place.

Hopefully you’ll head towards her Tumblr linked below and you’ll check out her other photographs on the blog, she’s got a great selection going on. I’ll definitely be checking back in the future to see what else she has to offer.


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