Chinatown By Charlie & Lee

Charlie & Lee have been producing some promotional material that really impressed me this morning so I’ve brought it across so we can all appreciate the concept and creativity of their short film. For those who haven’t worked it out for themselves already, this short was crafted to aid word of mouth that the company has transferred one of it’s stores, opening a fresh in China Town, Vancouver.

They have moved to 223 Union Street to be exact, so if you’re female and in the area I’d recommend heading down for some trendy garments. I have to say the firework is a nice touch to this piece, I like the mix of static text throughout and the evolving backdrop transforming and offering some different colours and tones as we delve a little deeper into the video.

I have to say I’m being very selective these days with short film and video with regards to typography, I really do think no matter how good the footage is, sometimes if you add a ugly font it can ruin everything. I’m not criticising Charlie & Lee here by the way, I think they’ve got it spot on, understated and unintrusive, text that still holds a subtle significance on the project.


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