Glass Blowing Short Film from Todd Tankersley

Todd Tankersley introduces us to the art of glass blowing this morning in this short piece featuring his good friend Esteban who is practicing the traditional process. Todd works as a commercial photographer by day, so this short film is a little outside of what he’s usually recognised for professionally. I felt it was a good moment to diversify on the craftsmanship front, I think we’ve being going a little pottery/ceramics mad as of late.

It’s that honey like aesthetic of unset glass that really tends to draw people into this practice, and I have to say I was lead like a moth to a flame on this one. I’m just fascinated by how personal these pieces really are, you could never truly replicate the same piece of glass twice when you’re making it by hand. So in this sense these are really one of a kind pieces, it’s frightening to think with just the most intricate wrong movement you could lose everything in a flash.

I’m guessing glass blowing must be a bit of a double edged sword of both frustration and elation in that respect, for those that master however it must be so rewarding to be able to make such beautiful objects with your hands. Estaban has opted to create a jug in this piece below, it’s just a shame we don’t get to see the finalized piece when it’s set – watch on below and enjoy.


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