Love Is Like Life But Longer By Poppy de Villeneuve

Director Poppy de Villeneuve and her team of talented creatives have produced this stunning short film titled Love Is Like Life But Longer, a compelling short story about two understated city dwellers. Concealing her narrative in a fair measure of mystery Poppy presents these characters in a meeting of chance, one which will change the path of both their lives forever.

This has perhaps got the highest views of a short I’ve brought across onto the site before, so in truth I’m bending my principles a fair amount to squeeze this one into the format. That being said the whole point of the site is to promote creative and inspiring content, and this happens to be one of my favourite projects that I’ve found on Vimeo for a quite a while.

I’m pretty much in awe of what Poppy has created here, captivating storyline, original and believable characters and stunning cinematography throughout. She has combined all the ingredients needed for a memorable watch, and in my humble opinion if this project isn’t worthy of a few awards, I don’t know what is.


  • Garrett

    Amazing, not said lightly, short film. I think you have one of the best blogs out there, keep it up

  • Daniel Benning

    I’m glad you agree Garrett, & Thank-you for your kind comment – It made my day. DB

  • Alexander

    Daniel, what music plays in the film.Thanks

  • Daniel Benning

    Alexander, I do believe it’s a score from Krishna Venkatesh – I hope this helps

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