Yesterday morning I watched Glas for possibly the tenth time (I know, only ten!). This short video was made by master film maker Bert Haanstra, in which it received a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Short Documentary in 1959. The film contrasts the production of hand made crystal from the Royal Leerdam Glass Factory with automated bottle making machines in the Netherlands. An industrial film which is backed completely by jazz music, it’s a stroke of genius and the piece is still relevant and awe-inspiring today as it was 60 years ago.

The good folk at MUNIO CANDELA must have taken some inspiration from this specific film, as they’ve just produced some of their own that have fantastic visuals and are all set to calm classical music, making viewing really delightful. MUNIO CANDELA focus on producing 100% natural soy wax candles and eco lifestyle products handmade in Riga, Latvia and Portland, Oregon USA. These particular films were made to focus our attention on their new side project named MUNIO HOME, which is coming very soon to European customers. MUNIO HOME is a story about people and their homes, about how each of us create and express ourselves within our own home. Today I’m focusing on three videos that they have produced, ‘Cutlery’, ‘Glass’ and ‘Pottery’.

Glass was particularly appealing as it’s a craft that I don’t have too much confidence with, as in I’ve never actually had a go myself. Although I hope to try sometime in the near future I can’t imagine the skill it must take. It really is fascinating to see someone turn such a final fragile material in to any shape they want, just at will. To compliment we have a lady making pots on the wheel and a man hand carving some beautiful cutlery in his workshop, turning a log in to a set of small wooden spoons. Hopefully you’re inspired by these and will go on to their website to see more, I’m guessing these products will release sometime in the near future, so it might be a worthy place to bookmark for the future.


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