Kim Emanuel, The Soap Man of San Francisco


Having an emotional connection to your work is something that I’ve only just started to explore in greater detail. I think having this knowledge of yourself and being happy in your own skin creates ideas and concepts far better than someone who isn’t ‘present’, or an individual who has little connection with their product. I suppose this applies to all parts of creativity. The piece that I’ve embedded below highlights the fantastic work of San Francisco soap maker Kim Emanuel, who in the video talks about this emotional connection with the product that he makes and how this plays a vital role in the production process.

Kim’s story is an interesting one. He grew tired of working in silicon valley and decided to make skin care products. His inspiration being that his wife was no longer able to use the chemical selection that was available in all of his local shops. First he began to experiment with sophisticated equipment that was able to analyse the structure of various oils. Now he’s trying to replace animal oils with 100% natural and organic alternatives, this work forms the base of his product collection.

I was instantly inspired right from the start, where Kim talks about going from a mediocre level to making something extraordinary, and that it’s the last 10 percent that really matters. I have to agree. Kim’s thinking doesn’t only stop at the basic concepts, but also the sensory experience. Being mindful that you’re in the presence of a “sensitive creature” and that you have to treat it with care. Remember, if you don’t love and respect what you’re doing it just won’t be as good, that is the simple fact. I think here’s a man that goes far beyond what most people think is necessary to produce a product, but his emotional connection is something we should all aspire to. To see more of his natural, sustainable soaps and creams head towards the Illuminance Skin Care website, otherwise watch on below and enjoy.


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  • Natural Organic Care

    It is a very inspiring story. I am glad that he decided to go green with his products.

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