Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 1

It’s great finding new inspiration in all different fields, the blog is the perfect place for us to get our thoughts out there and put our own twist on certain subjects, ones that don’t get much light on other websites. I guess in this life everything is interconnected and our daily lives, or things we choose to make a part of our lives, influence our perception and make us become more aware of our surroundings and influences. Personally, I gain a lot from knowing our connection with the natural world, crafts that make with substances from the earth or our surroundings really bring this home. The Japanese culture has always been partly at interest for this reason, and the tea ceremony I feel links our two cultures uniquely but in totally different ways. Plus, I’m a massive lover of tea in general and I start my routine off daily with a fresh brew.

So as we’re starting a new year one of my goals is to learn a language, so what better way than to start with Japanese since it’s a culture that I’m heavily influenced by. Some may think I’m rather crazy but we’ve all got goals, and this is one of those ‘long term’ ones. Please email if you have any advice or tips, it would be great to hear your thoughts. Regarding this post I went on a hunt for information on the Japanese tea ceremony and I came a cropper on the Hibiki-an website that specialises in selling Japanese teas and other things relating to this subject. This creative tea imagery really blew me away and inspired me heavily, so I tried my best to bring across a selection for all of you to enjoy. Hopefully you’ll like what you see.

Hibiki-an is a set of tea farms surrounded by the rolling hills of Uji, in the ancient city of Kyoto. This is where the Japanese tradition of green tea began over 1,000 years ago, which was originally considered as a precious medicine but has now become the countries most popular beverage. Interestingly, when Japanese people think of high quality green tea they think of Uji with its misty climate, sloping hills, warm days and cool nights, thus providing the ideal setting for the plants. The small online shop sells a selection of high quality green teas worldwide, also distributing tools and accessories that can be used to make tea.

One such interesting object is the bamboo whisk that looks quite exquisite in form. They’re skilfully handmade from one piece of natural bamboo and have a number of bristles which lathers up the green tea, making it smooth and frothy. In fact you can see one in use towards the botton of this post. So have a little look below and get a feeling for this natural plant, also head over to Hibiki-an for some inspiring objects in regards to pots, bowls, cups and other wooden accessories.

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 11

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 10

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 9

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 8

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 7

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 6

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 4

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 3

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 15

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 2

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 12

Green Tea Inspiration at Hibiki-an 13


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