Seeing Different – A Short Film on Stained Glass Craftsman Norbert Sattler

Today I wanted a highlight a short film produced by Break Water Studios. We highlighted a previous video they made on woodturner Steven Kennard in Nova Scotia, Canada and now they have put together a new piece on stained glass craftsman Norbert Sattler who also resides in this area. Norbert’s goal is to make contemporary stained glass that’s both creative and modern.

First of all I just want to say what a character Norbert Sattler is. Yes, his words can come across as a little dramatic in the video below, but what he says is true and strikes a chord of me. One of the important things I picked up on is the word ‘seeing different’, he mentions it a couple of times in the video and it’s really key to the way in which he works. Working in collaboration with other artists he’s able to use their skills and his combined to create something that is much more fruitful.

Playing with these coloured sheets of glass is mesmerising and I like how he wants to give his work a contemporary edge and bucking the trend of old style stained glass that you see in churches and other buildings similar to this. In addition the filming is incredible by Break Water Studios, directed by Ben Proudfoot and cinematography by David Bolen, the combined effort of everyone is something that they should be proud of. The whole piece can be viewed below, I think you will really enjoy watching it.


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