Stillbirth and Surfing From Nathan Oldfield

Perhaps the most personal project I’ve brought across onto the platform is this inspiring short film from Nathan Oldfield which follows the dedicated surfer on a journey of grief through the format of a ten minute documentary piece. In a time where most people would opt for absolute privacy Nathan has brought the outside world in. In search of solidarity among others who have found themselves in a similar situations, offering hope for those who cannot see the light amongst the dark.

Taking to the shores, Nathan was able to reflect on the loss of his daughter emerging himself in his love of surfing, eventually throwing himself into a building project where he would create a surfboard from scratch in memory of the child he lost. In watching this refreshing yet sombre short film I couldn’t help but reflect on the power that self expression can attain.

Creating this beautiful board and soul searching out in the sea has clearly given Nathan a new found strength in tough times, I think sometimes trusting in what we are most passionate about can feel like the only thing capable of pulling you through. Watch below, and if you find this inspiring I’m sure Nathan would appreciate your feedback via the comments section over on vimeo.


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