The Little Team By El Cangrejo

L’equip petit or Little team as it translates is a delightful short documentary which follows the joy of a young football team who are yet to score a single goal against an opponent. Quashing all stigma attached to the game as we know it, the group remind us all that sporting competition although competitive is all about the enjoyment of both watching and taking part.

In watching their charming and compelling short journey I found myself comparing the values these young boys and girls are learning through the game, to those of the professionals playing for a living. In a game that is quickly becoming dominated by the individual performance it’s refreshing to see a story that is purely about teamwork, passion, and enthusiasm.

You can see in their eyes and hear in their voices their love for playing each game, I love the fact they are a bit oblivious to goals scored, wins, loses, and draws. I’m sure the modern day professional could learn a lot from “the little team”, what a great story the Barcelona collective have uncovered, I’d recommend looking out for more of El Cangrejo’s work in the future.