OFFF 2011, Let’s Feed The Future Short Teaser

If you’re returning to the site, I’m guessing you’re a fan of craft. So once again lets return to some more in the form of another wonderful film this time from OFFF who organise some fantastic events, in fact I really hope that they hit London soon. Each event that takes place they come through with some really mind blowing little teasers which just make me completely jealous that I’m unable to attend due to my responsibilities here on the site.

They take creative individuals and give them only the restriction of their imaginations, resulting in promotion that causes those involved in the scene to get really inspired. I think this is mostly because they sell an idea opposed to a product, which is what we look to do here on our platform, it just doesn’t feel like a promotional piece which is what I love.

The latest gathering is taking place in Cincinnati and for this event they’ve gathered up various master craftsmen and women, catching them in the middle of the creation process. The final montage is packed full of empowerment and excitement, so like I said before I’m pretty gutted not to be attending.


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