A Selection of Furniture by Bruno Mathsson

I’m positive you’ll all agree that we’ve had some absolutely stunning furniture featured on the blog over the past month, I’ve had a blast learning about all these different designers and their works. I’m not sure when it will come to an end, but it’s really intriguing to find out the history behind these beautiful objects and also the creatives thirst for knowledge and information regarding the “user experience”. I like to call it that because I think it’s the relationship and bond that us humans have with an object, items like these that I’m showcasing today above and below are beautifully crafted and are most importantly objects of use! Owning one of these would be my ultimate dream, they never get old and become better with age.

Check out this selection of furniture by the one and only Bruno Mathsson, a Swedish furniture designer and architect. I think his works are very much underrated and don’t get the credit they deserve, pointing out his furniture for example which has a wonderful form matched with function like no other I’ve seen. Although Bruno worked and targeted a broader spectrum of design, such as his glass houses which are simple and quite pioneering in their own right, his seating sticks out to most people when you reference his name.

Take the Lounge Chair for example which can date back to around 1936, Bruno had a technique of bending laminated wood which was not only elegant in the way it looked but it was also ergonomic and fitted to the posture of the body. Nearly all of his furniture has become classic over time and even though some were designed 70-80 years ago they look youthful in their appearance and are still collected by young and modern individuals today. These pieces really are timeless and have merged over different generations, possibly even passed down by family’s.

This specific set of imagery was collected by me from the Jacksons website which specialises in the best of Scandinavian and international vintage design. I’d recommend having a browse around the site as they hold works from various different creatives and have dates that coincide with each object as well. Also if you want to know more about Bruno, information can be found on the Bruno Mathsson International website which goes into greater detail about his life and story.



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