Art Quest London Interview Billy Lloyd

One subject we don’t often touch upon here is business, as to be honest with you we aren’t particularly motivated by the idea of making lots of money. I’m sure this may seem strange to many but we can honestly say that our platform is founded upon our passion for sharing creativity alone. What really drives us forward is the idea of a creative community, supporting other independents so they can fulfil what they consider to be their dream job. Unearthing new talent and highlighting those who deserve it is more than empowering enough to keep us content.

I do mention business however because I stumbled upon this short interview that Art Quest London have put together with Ceramist Billy Lloyd, that investigates the structure Billy had to have in place in order to make his own venture viable. I’d hate to think there are other creatives out there daunted by the business side of things, so I’ve brought this across as an insight into how you can fund a new venture and grow this to reach new markets.

With the recession and the general state of the economy in the UK it’s generally considered that their isn’t a lot of help out there for young people, and I have to admit this is something we’ve experienced ourselves in the past few years. There is however some help out there if you look hard enough, Billy explains in the film below that he was able to obtain grants and borrow from family to get himself on his feet. He started thinking of new ways he could progress his business without spending too much capital, like exchanging work for work and so on.

You do what you have to keep the dream alive, each day is a little more progression and in the end it all adds up. I’m not saying working independently is by any means easy but my point here is that you can do anything you want to do as long as you believe and are willing. Admittedly this post is somewhat pragmatic and for those on the hunt for visual inspiration I do apologise. On the flip side of the coin though I find it hard to think of anything more inspiring than an individual striving to make their idea a reality. Have a watch and see what you think, as always I will leave the link to Billy Lloyd’s page just below. Enjoy!


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