Balancing Elements – Drift Furniture Series by Eric Degenhardt for Böwer


I wrote about the work of Eric Degenhardt back in 2013, it’s great to follow up on these designers and to see their progression over the years. I was particularly taken aback by his clean lines and the way that he was able to use simple and humble materials in a modern way. It’s no surprise then that he’s backed this up with a new selection of furniture for Böwer, a German company that dates back to 1888 when Josef Haarmeyer founded the village carpentry shop “Haarmeyer” in Neuenkirchen.

This collection of furniture goes under the name ‘Drift’, where a combination of materials, such as glass and marble, are used to create a floating piece of furniture. It’s impressive for the fact that the weight of the piece is unbalanced and the elements are juxtaposed to create an illusion on the eye. The tables themselves are bold, partly thanks to the heavy materials used, but interestingly they remind me of the playful way in which one builds and creates an object from scratch. They seem like they have been placed just right to make them balance, which in turns gives them the appearance of being lighter than they actually are.

For me, mixing craftsmanship with modern, everyday design is one of the ways in which we will elevate these traditional crafts to something that’s relevant for this day and age. Thanks to Eric and other designers out there this can be achieved, so I definitely recommend supporting his work by going over to his portfolio to view more. You can certainly learn some things from this talented designer.











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