Horgenglarus, Where a Chair is Not Just a Chair by The Brander

The Brander is a relatively new website from what I know, an online publication based around brands and their creators. They get together with renowned journalists and high-end photographers to create and showcase some really talented individuals from all over the world.

My favourite has to be this feature on a company called Horgenglarus who have been producing high quality chairs for over 130 years. They manufacture wooden furniture using steam bending – a process that creates stable and beautifully curved furniture. Another upside to this technique is the sustainability of it and also the lack of waste. I’m going to leave this as a lightweight post since it’s Friday and I’m sure you are all fully focused on your activities over the weekend. So when you’ve got a spare minute in the next few days this is definitely one to read, be sure to check out the gallery which was photographed by Gian Marco Castelberg.