Monumental Simplicity – Wheel Thrown Stoneware Vases by Sara Paloma


Even though it’s been a good five or six months since I last came back from Los Angeles, I still find the city is inspiring me. Stepping away from the hoo-ha of celebrities and commercialism, the place is full of interesting architecture, design, and has a brilliant art scene. On my own travels I paid particular attention to Richard Neutra, Ray & Charles Eames, and Richard Meier amongst many others, so the aesthetic was mainly modernist with a mid-century twist. So when I saw the same sort of simplicity in Sara Paloma’s work it didn’t surprise me that she’s also inspired by Los Angeles architecture and design.

Now living and working in the Bay Area of San Francisco, it’s obvious see where Sara’s style has derived from. She makes these stoneware vessels on the pottery wheel, later covering the outer using porcelain slip and firing them at a high temperature. Intent on not detracting from the form, she uses colour quite sparsely, mainly natural tones that are inspired by her surroundings and walks on the beach.

I’ve brought over a selection from her portfolio for your to admire, to see more I recommend her webpage or her Etsy page where some of her vessels can be purchased online. I certainly need to get my hands on one of the tear-drop shaped vases!