Making the Joseph Walsh Enignum Table by Pau Camarasa

Form and Detail by Joseph Walsh 2

A truly breathtaking video by Spanish filmmaker Pau Camarasa, one that I’ve not come across before but has been around for over a year. Not totally sure how I missed it when searching through Vimeo. Although, I have come across the creative featured named Joseph Walsh, in fact we highlighted him on the blog in 2011 and I recall his work quite vividly. This specific piece was filmed inside the Joseph Walsh studio where Joseph and his team craft a dining table from his collection titled Enignum.

The Enignum is actually the name for a series of work consisting of stripped wood as thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing them into free form compositions. Joseph and his team then shape the different layers, making a final piece of furniture that’s sculptural and functional at the same time. The name of the series stands for Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), which is quite fitting considering the mystery of the composition lies in the material itself.

You’ll see all of the craftsmen taking a lot of care and consideration over the details, sanding each section and making sure the joins are perfectly flush with the main structure. Some of these pieces remind me of one trunk splitting in all directions, reaching mainly towards the floor, trying to reroot itself. Although I prefer the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to design, I have a lot of respect for work like this and I really do appreciate the skill and craftsmanship. I’m sure you will too when you watch along.

I have to say Pau has done a great job at filming and putting these shots together with the music, it fits wonderfully and suits the final piece of furniture. The lens moves along the curves and you get a feeling of being connected with the wood. You also gain respect for the slow method of working and how all the hard work really adds an extra element to the finished item of furniture. This is one of many works by Joseph Walsh, I’d urge you to bookmark his site for a future date as I’ve found lots of new things added to his portfolio since the last time I had a browse.


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