Interiors & Furniture Design – STILT & Dimanche Series by Marina Bautier


A fantastic collection of furniture by Belgian designer Marina Bautier. After taking a furniture design course at Bucks New University in the UK, she established her own studio in Brussels in 2003. She now has a collection of furniture under the name Bautier, which she sells online and at her showroom in Brussels, as well designing a selection for a number of different clients.

My favourite has to be her work for Japanese company IDEE. A collaboration which began in 2007, this particular collection designed in the latter part of 2015 is their third collection to date titled “Dimanche”. These pieces were designed to be comfortable and sturdy but still using clean lines and simple shapes. The collection consists of a three-seater sofa, armchair and a low table. To add to this range I’ve also added in a few pieces from the STILT series.

I have to praise the interior styling by IDEE, they’ve been able to convey the furniture in a minimal setting which makes the pieces very appealing. I also like the way in which Marina has taken the best of functional furniture design, things that have worked throughout the ages, and has applied them in a contemporary way. If you’re interested in the designers mentality and how the project came about I would recommend watching the video embedded below, it’s quite revealing.