OEN Update – An Interview with Studio Gorm & New Furniture by Memo

As we slowly add new works to our furniture collection page it’s been fun to work with Seattle-based Memo in-particular, bringing together manufacturer and designers John and Wonhee Arndt of Studio Gorm so that we can learn more about the ideology behind their fantastic ‘Penna’ range.

Memo were looking for a selection of the well designed tables and lounge chairs and they sourced the help of John and Wonhee Arndt of Studio Gorm to produce a series that condenses the best of handicraft and modern design. This is how the ‘Penna’ collection came about, a group of work that explores the American Shaker tradition, studying how natural materials behave when bent and formed.

As with all designers interested in ‘reduction of design’, the Shakers have been a big influence here at OEN. For that reason I feel honoured to represent such a great selection of furniture and also highlight the amazing design of Studio Gorm and the wonderful eye of Memo in Seattle.

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