Powerful and Bold – Furniture by Bavarian Manufacturer Studio Benkert

I think it’s natural that we are used to seeing furniture as a purely functional object. I agree in many ways that furniture needs to be used, but the more time passes the more value I’m seeing in the experimental side of furniture design and how you can approach the design process from a different angle. Who knows, maybe coming in to this field with a unique mindset can create new technology in a field such as this.

Benkert is a family owned business in Bavaria run by Gerhard Benkert who have been known to produce outdoor furniture, furniture that puts function first for the everyday consumer. Gerhard had a brain wave and decided to explore a brand new project that would still require the craftsmanship that they accustomed to but with a twist, creating sculptures that can be sat in. So far their collection includes three different series in a few metals and finishes.

These designs are meant to be bold and powerful, channeling modernist designers from the past and future to try and produce a range of furniture that really stands out. Although some of the works are a little industrial in appearance, the moulding, welding and polishing is all done by hand and has strong links to how any craftsman would make the furniture in his studio. I especially like the curved forms as they are flowing and look inviting to sit on, the other more angular forms are also interesting, the cube shape would be unusual to sit in and see how it feels in person. They are all quite exceptional and are definitely worth exploring on the website linked below. Let’s all take some inspiration from this creativity!