The Utmost in Luxury – The Almost Arm Chair for Of Possible by Mark Jupiter

Don’t let the Almost Arm Chair fool you. Its style does not make any sacrifices when it comes to comfort and durability.

Fabricated by Mark Jupiter at Design of Possible, the chair is definitely worthy of a second glance. Bearing a striking resemblance to more classic counterparts, one is almost immediately taken aback by its unique shape which is meant to embrace an arm nonchalantly thrown over its side.

And while the back is certainly the chair’s most striking feature, a further inspection will reveal more of its remarkable details. For instance, the smooth wood and sculpted design provide a texture that just begs to be touched. The slightly tapered long legs are, dare we say, sexy and seductive. The deep wood grain provides the unique characteristics that can only be found in nature.

Once you sit down, it will be clear that the chair is not only perfect for nonchalant positions. With a sculpted shape that hugs you as you relax into it, it may just be a more comfortable replacement for your favourite armchair or work desk chair.

Another thing to love is how the chair works in almost any setting. Its natural wood grain makes it the perfect complement for rustic interiors while its sleek modernity means it will also go well with industrial and contemporary designs as well. Its classic appearance and durability will endure the test of time ensuring years of use as a staple in your home.

The Almost Arm Chair will make the perfect addition to your living spaces, but be prepared for it to steal the show. Its unusual design and timeless looks will make it a favourite among your housemates and visitors. It will elevate any interior taking the style of your rooms to the next level.