Ceramics in Tune with Nature – Work by Japanese Potter Katsufumi Baba


I find it quite interesting that when picking up a pot it can spark a number of feelings and emotions. It’s especially contrasting from maker to maker, taking in to account the texture, colour and form, but also the unique quirks and distinct marks created by the glaze and clay body.

One potter that always gives me a particularly distinct feeling is Japanese maker Katsufumi Baba. Picking up his work makes me think of nature itself, an appreciation for perfect harmony which shows his skill for balancing asymmetry with touch. As you can see from the photos here his works have what some might call “imperfections”, but these really speak to the unpredictability of the whole process and the material itself.

For me, this unpredictability should remind us that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Hopefully you enjoy these humble pots and will flick on over to the shop to see more. We hope you have a nice week.

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