New at OEN Shop – Brass Cutlery Now Available by Metalworker Rieko Fujimoto

As I mentioned in our newsletter regarding metalworker Rieko Fujimoto, we have now released a selection of her new works in the shop and are happy to showcase them here. A brass butter spreader, brass ice cream spoon and a brass salad fork are all new additions to the shop and to her catalogue for 2018.

At the moment we stock most of the works that Rieko Fujimoto is currently producing at her workshop in Osaka, so it was really nice to see her expand her line-up. I think doing it slowly is the best way. Of course Rieko wants to make new works, but if it comes at the expense of quality and functionality it’s not worth it. Rieko makes timeless works that stand the test of time and these news ones are also sure to do the same.

Here is a selection of imagery and you can find the new pieces available for sale in the shop via the link below. Enjoy and we hope you have a great weekend.

Click here to shop new brass cutlery by Rieko Fujimoto →


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