Short Film & Imagery from Made by Project New York

Today I’d just like to point everyone’s attention towards a school of thought that recently gathered in New York at the Made by Project, which has been summarised for us all by president Andrew Pollard in the short film below. A number of you may recognise various names and faces that have crept quietly into our content in the past, like Markus Uran of Metsa, or Caesy Oney of Draught Dry Goods who is also featured in the film below.

Personally I’m pretty saddened that we don’t have anything like this cropping up here in London, as the project is really dedicated to getting back to an age where craftsmanship is the key to creating products that are designed to grow with their owners. Even within the short section of dialogue from each creative you can hear such passion and enthusiasm for their brands, which is very refreshing to see.

I think there are many of us out there that want to buy something that has been put together with love, care and attention as we lose this aspect in a world where lots of items are massed produced and lacking in that personal touch. This experimental pop-up concept looks like a really successful formula for innovative artisanal brands to showcase their products being made on site, highlighting both their artistry and heritage.

If you live in the states and are wishing you could of attended this years show, don’t worry as there is a second sitting taking place in Las Vegas across the 13th, 14th and 15th of February if you can make it. For those of you that can’t reach these dates alternatively we can offer you a little education of our own, with a few of the brands found in the film also been interviewed by ourselves, all of which can be found on the interview section of the site.


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