At Home by Hilda Grahnat

What a great set of shots by Hilda Grahnat. The subject is her one room apartment in Malmö, Sweden, which i think is perfectly designed and has a bit of vintage kick about it.

I’m very much drawn to the minimalist and Scandinavian look, the use of plants i think is also a nice touch.

Her other photographs are also really appealing, especially her item shots, check out My Vintage Addiction by Hilda Grahnat on Flickr. A big fan of all the shots of the clocks, there are so many!

Check out the rest of the photos from this set below. I tried to pick out my favourites.


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  • Evan


    love the styling.
    wondering where you found that map of manhattan!
    love to get my hands on one. been scouring the web and
    places for a map. i’m very particular.

  • Mark Robinson

    i’m not sure, but you could always send her an email through flickr or on her personal site. I’m positive that she would be happy to help. I reckon it was a vintage find…

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