Terraform by Josef Schulz

Tal #4, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 226 cm

Josef Schulz mainly photographs warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings that many consider to be outside the realm of architecture. His photographic documentation could be classed as “experimental”, capturing these environments in their natural state and using the computer to add and subtract certain elements from the photograph. This way of working gives him complete artistic freedom and means he can dream up many different scenarios.

I find it’s quite easy to get sucked in to Josef’s world, much like I did today with his series titled ‘terraform’. I thought this group of photos was a nice contrast to his architectural themed photography that he’s so well known for. These seen here were captured in the Alps, others on mountainsides and by the side of lakes. When taking the pictures on location he shoots with a plate camera, but these photos are not exactly true to life, they have been helped by cloning and mirroring techniques.

Josef Schulz is interested in achieving a blurred state, what I mean is where it’s no longer clear which detail is original and which detail has been added digitally. He certainly tricked me! These are quite beautiful, although manipulated they’re still images of what we might find in nature, Schulz just sees this post-processing as the work of a visual artist. It’s interesting to think of photography as a moment beyond the camera, bringing ideas together with the photograph to create a deeper, far-reaching concept. I hope you like these works and will be inspired by their beauty.


Felswand #1, 2008, C-Print, 140 x 184 cm

Tal #3, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 227 cm

Felswand #4, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 227 cm

Berg weiss, 2008, C-Print, 140 x 182 cm

Felswand #3, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 231 cm

Tal #2, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 227 cm

Berg grün, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 226 cm

Felswand #2, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 226 cm

Berg Gipfel #2, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 273 cm

Wasser #1, 2007, C-Print, 180 x 229 cm

Tal #1, 2008, C-Print, 180 x 234 cm


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