Constructing Still Life From Shapes – Photography by Holger Kilumets

For Holger Kilumets, the idea of exploring composition through still life brings countless ideas for new works of art. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Kilumets has been featured in books, exhibitions, and editorial stories. Through photography, he explores the relationship between shapes and colors, searching for a fresh perspective in the world of still life.

The collection ‘Geometric Composition’ is comprised of nine images featuring various scenes in still life. I love the color choices he makes for this collection. Some of the images are monochrome, featuring a background and shapes in various tints of the same color. Most of the images in this collection, however, feature complimentary colors, or colors that sit across from each other on a standard color wheel. This choice drives the composition of each image. Directing the eye to important shapes, and acting as landmarks to anchor the image.

Much of the visual intrigue also comes from the shapes that are used throughout the series. A gradient of sizes and the relative depth of each shape alludes to their importance in the composition as a whole. Holger Kilumets is able to arrange the shapes in a way that wouldn’t naturally happen on their own, bringing a fresh perspective to the idea of still life photography. Intense and direct lighting allows the shadows to play a role in determining the directional flow of each image. Add these qualities to some exceptional color choice and we’ve got ourselves a beautiful selection of pictures.

Overall, the combination of color, shape, composition, and lighting come together to create a series of compelling images. Where most still life’s are a representation of an ordinary scene, Kilumets’ work aims to turn that on its head. This collection is energetic, dynamic, and overall exciting to look at. I can’t wait to see the lessons learned from this series reflected in the next collection that Kilumets creates.


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