Film Photography by I.E.


Although Flickr has had its fair share of criticism over the years, I’m impressed by their tunnel vision in regard to the photographic industry. Much like Vimeo, who’ve been able to capture filmmakers all over the world, Flickr has done the same with photographers. Often something you’ll find with these networks when they’ve been bought out by other large companies, or when they try to conquer various sectors all at once, they end up collapsing altogether and people float off to other sites to express their creativity. With Flickr I often find fantastic photography from all walks of life, not only that, but all sorts of cameras as well. From vintage to new, most cameras, if not all, have been tried and tested and the results are uploaded to different Flickr groups for all to admire.

As with all portfolio websites, you have individuals who mainly partake as a hobby rather than professionally. This tends to breed new and exciting talent, those that offer something different to the mainstream. You also find anonymous creatives who just do it out of pure pleasure, documenting things and places that they come across, even fantastic cuisine and objects. Today I bumped in to the work of a photographer that has a similar story, but unfortunately I can’t put a full name to her photographic exploits, only that she goes under alias ‘I.E.’.

Her main camera usage is a Contax Aria, and is probably one of the best Contax SLR’s ever produced. I’ve never personally used one of these but I.E does a fantastic job at capturing the environment in front of her, I also think her use of various older films really adds variety to her collection. As you can tell, most of her work is 35mm based and has that grainy aesthetic with fantastic use of light. She also tends to take photographs of beautiful objects and nice clean interiors, which probably inspires me because I’m always taking new photos for the shop. One day I hope to have a dedicated space for all to walk in and share my vision, which is sure to be documented on camera.

For now I hope you enjoy her photography and will take a walk across to either her portfolio, which she updates regularly with new photos, or her dedicated Flickr page. It’s interesting to start from day one and flick through to the current photos that she’s snapped, you see fantastic progression.










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