New at OEN Shop – Woodworks by Maker Kentaro Ooyu of Dairoku

It’s been woodwork heavy here for a few weeks but I guess you have to roll with the punches. For those who are waiting there will be more ceramics arriving soon so please hold tight. Today’s post is a special one and features some new works from studio Dairoku based in Aomori Prefecture.

In 2015 I wrote about the passing of a great craftsman that we stocked the work of for many years named Hiroyuki Ooyu, he was the owner of Dairoku and ran it alongside his son Kentaro. Kentaro has since took over the studio and has been able to produce a selection of beautiful woodworks again for our shop. A great feat considering his focus on fulfilling all the orders that they had before his father’s passing.

Even though it’s been 3 or 4 years since we last stocked any work from Dairoku I always had the intention of stocking more from them and have often kept in contact with Kentaro throughout the years. I’m sure you’ll agree from these pictures here that they are some beautiful works of art and have an abundance of character. A full selection of work can be seen on the shop linked below. I think the grain in this wood is really special!

Click here to see new woodworks from Dairoku ?