Studio and Jazz – Handmade Glassware by Danish Glass Artist Nina Norgaard

I think this idea of grouping your work in to a certain series or collection can be really helpful as it keeps you in an experimental mood and you also have a goal to work towards. Sometimes when you’re making without a goal in mind you’re just shooting in the dark, hoping that something sticks when there’s millions of possibilities. With this on my own mind I was drawn to the work of artist Nina Norgaard who doing something similar with her portfolio.

Nina is a Copenhagen based glass artisan who mainly works on her own projects but has also collaborated with restaurants, architects and designers to create beautiful functional forms that have a restraint but are still expressive. All of her works are made by hand at her studio and so far her personal collections for 2016 and 2017 go under the names ‘Studio’ and ‘Jazz’.

The ‘Studio’ series is a collection of freehand mouth-blown glass vessels aimed at showing the expressiveness that this age-old technique can give to functional forms, as well as the ‘Jazz’ series that is all about improvising with the shapes and being more free. This constant riffing, excuse the pun, seems to be a vital part of her exploration as she battles with the balance between function and form. Here are a few of my favourite works but plenty more can be found her portfolio linked below. Norgaard is definitely one to watch!


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