Operating In Abstract Space – Objects & Sculpture Designed by Hozan Zangana

I’ve become increasingly fascinated by those people who are able to blur the line between something that’s functional and abstract. I stumbled in to this work by Hozan Zangana which has a unique aesthetic that makes you question the practicality of something, and if it’s architectural, sculptural, something that could be interacted with, or all three. As well as that, they are all inspired by his cultural heritage and background, which makes sense considering his route in to the field of contemporary design.

Hozan Zangana moved to The Netherlands from Iraq when he was fifteen years old, applying for asylum and later studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Born and raised in Kirkuk in the north of Iraq, he was intrigued by the Kufic script, the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts, and the calligraphic style in which it was created. His deep study of something so ancient became the back bone for his interest in design and this idea of drawing viewers in to an “abstract space”.

Working in collaboration with various independent craftsmen, such as woodworker Rutger Graas and metalworkers Erik den Hartog & Jeroen Baijens, he has been able to make unique objects that obscure the functionality of the piece at hand. I’m really in awe and thought I’d place a few images from his portfolio here for you to see, hopefully you enjoy them and will go on to explore his website in more detail via the link below.



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