Eliminating Elements – Double Walled Glass Teapot & Cups by Paul Loebach

Sometimes I think it’s easy to become disillusioned by the direction in which design field is heading. Grand ideas and big concepts are great and everything, but I think these can hold back creatives from actually achieving anything of real significance. I always talk about looking at the details, those little things that only become clearer after many iterations and experiments. This is why I was drawn to these objects by New York and Berlin based designer Paul Loebach, which on the face of it seem very simple.

Paul specialises in furniture and product design, using his background in traditional woodworking as a prompt for getting hands on with the creation process. Although he has the mentality of a craftsman in the experimental phases, he later works to adapt his ideas in to a manufactured object that can reach as many individuals as possible. At the end of the day it’s all about improving our lives and meeting the ever changing needs of the user in this modern day and age.

The Ora teapot and glass set tap in to something that has always bugged me when handling glass tableware. Working with experienced glass makers he was able to produce double-walled vessels that eliminate the need for a handle. The inner wall insulates the hot drink, keeping it warm for longer, and the outer wall never becomes too hot making it easy to hold and enjoy the beverage. Such a simple idea that really makes a difference when it comes to everyday use. I hope you like these images here and will view more of Paul Loebach’s work on his website.



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