Imagery From Guanzi

I thought we could put together a cultural piece today, so I went in search for something and came across the Profile of Asian creative Guanzi over on Flickr. Granted, this is a bit of a mixed bag, but while scrolling through the creatives portfolio I realised that it was pretty hard to group what Guanzi had showcased and decided perhaps it was better to present a bit of a range, in terms of tones, textures and subjects.

I just love the culture aspect in these, it’s something a bit different to what we see on a daily basis in our own communities.

While doing a bit of searching on Guanzi I found these values that the Bejing creative uses as a foundation for his work, which are really refreshing to find:

No theme.
No purpose.
No fame and wealth.
Just simply shoot some people and my childhood memories.
No beggars.
No people with disabilities.
No people who do not want to be shot.
Do not collect others tragedy of live, do not violate others life also.
Shooting is simple and happy.
With a bit sadness, a bit warm.

Capturing for the love of the process, and not the final outcome, it’s great to see and hear this and is pretty inspiring for me. Be sure to head towards Guanzi’s profile for more.