Stills By Lissy Laricchia

We are always on the look out for those who are dedicated to their craft/field, finding these types is the most pure source of inspiration in my humble opinion. So when I stumbled across the imagination and wit of Canadian photographer Lissy Laricchia, I knew I had to share the vivid and captivating vision of the creative to all of you.

Just browsing through her profile you can literally see the development of her skill in recent times, there’s a naive and bold imagination shining through which wasn’t present before. It’s wonderful to see, Lissy is taking risks with her work and leading with her heart, viewers should forget the norm because you won’t find it here.

Her ability to manipulate images is something that stands out to me most of all I think, she takes the rules of standard photography and breaks them down into something new and edgy. We see a fair amount of story based imagery in her portfolio with many popular books of the past recreated into visual metaphors.

I think Lissy has vision in her imagery that could be harnessed so well in the fashion and music Industries if given the opportunity. I can quite easily visualize her works being used on the front of promotional material to great affect, for now we can enjoy more over on Flickr, in the future, well who knows.


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