Mixed Imagery From Rafa Alcacer

I often wonder how many different nationalities we cover in all of our content here, with today bringing us some Spanish creations from the ever talented photographer Rafa Alcaer. The self taught creative is based in Madrid and is a great believer in natural lighting and neat composition.

I love the sense of Rafa going unnoticed by the world around him in his images, everything seems untouched and unprovoked, all quite natural and classic. I’m fond of the warming colors and tones he presents in his work, this tied to the great texture means it’s all pretty uplifting visually.

I think Rafa has to be praised for his attitude towards the world, he always seems to be searching for the beauty amongst the rough views of city living. Reading through a couple of past interviews he’s been involved with he seems quite a humble chap, a trait that you can often find hiding within his photography.

For more looks from Rafa Alcacer I’d recommend heading over to his Flickr account, here he has vast amounts of previous works on display for all.



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