Natural Japan Captured by Sean Wood

View from Route 71 photographed by Sean Wood

A common thread linking a lot of the photographic projects on the site are that they all explore different parts of the world. Even those that highlight makers and creators working inside their studio, usually they give us a snapshot in to someone else’s life or environment. If you haven’t noticed already, Japan is a great source of inspiration to me and there’s many reasons why, I particularly admire the rich heritage and passion for simplicity in all areas of life.

Coming across Sean Wood’s blog and portfolio I was instantly enamoured by his photography, those which document his travels in and around Japan. Born in Australia but now living and working in Tokyo, Sean has a unique approach when it comes to conveying Japanese culture and the nature that thrives there. Often you only see the busy cities where everything is hectic and crammed full of people, but Sean has included a nice mix to show the contrasting worlds that collide, new and old, busy and slow. I guess I’ll always be drawn to the slow way of life and this is why I’ve picked out his series showcasing landscapes of Mount Fuji and other locations.

The mixture of black and white with colour has been used to good effect, alongside the variety of film cameras that he’s experimented with over the years. The Hasselblad and Rolleiflex, just two from his collection, create an interesting mood depending on the grain and contrast in colour. Not only does he capture the beauty of the landscape, the black and white film gives a sense of an ever changing environment, one that can change and react at any time. To see more from Sean visit his portfolio page linked below, alternatively you can subscribe to his blog which showcases a number of outtakes from his travels.

Mt. Fuji from Kawaguchiko lake by Sean Wood

Fujikawaguchiko photographed by Sean Wood

Otsuki mountains photographed by Sean Wood

Kamakura sunrise photographed by Sean Wood

Mount Fuji photographed by Sean Wood

Route 71 photographed by Sean Wood

Fujikawaguchiko Landscape photographed by Sean Wood

Misty Mountains photographed by Sean Wood


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